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Common Industry Applications
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  • Tape
  • Label
  • Adhesives
  • Paint
  • Coatings & Inks
  • Polymer & Rubber
  • Lubricants & Oil
  • Food Packaging
  • Cable & Roofing
  • Color Compounding
  • Textiles

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PDF For MPM 2501

MPM® 2501 Tan Concentrate

MPM® 2501 – Introduction: MPM® 2501 is a proprietary masterbatch color concentrate blend used to color adhesive to give the adhesive a tan color. The MPM 2501 can be used without solvent or in solvent systems. The masterbatch is in the form of tan pellets and is free flowing. The MPM 2501 eliminates the use of tan pigments in a powder form, the use of tan films, and/or the use of oil or resin as carriers or binder.

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Material Description: Tan Concentrate in a Thermoplastic Rubber Pelletized Blend

Chemical Name: Proprietary

Empirical Formula: Proprietary

CAS#: Proprietary

Physical Properties:

Appearance: Tan Pellets
Solution (10g/100ml Toluene): Tan
Binder: Rubber
Pigment content:: 60% MIN.


MPM 2501 Tan Concentrate pellets are an easy handling, dust-free method of adding
pigments to adhesive. The manufacturing area will be free of dust and clean for the
operators. MPM 2501 can be added directly to the adhesive to obtain opacity and
color. The need of tan film is eliminated. MPM 2501 is more efficient and quicker
ramp up to proper color lessening waste adhesive. More efficient mixing may mean
less pigment.


  • Tan concentrate can be added to the extruder or to a batch process.
  • Easy handling.
  • Non-dusting.
  • Low level of waste.
  • Less rubber needed than with a dry pigment or paste.

Loading Instructions:

The loading data and results are based on laboratory work (and field-testing) under
controlled conditions and do not necessarily indicate the result that the buyer or user
will attain. For this reason we strongly recommend testing of your own system under
the actual conditions of processing and end-use prior to full scale testing. The
recommended loading concentrations range between 10.0% and 18.0% depending on
substrate, processing conditions, and long-term stability requirements. Exact loading
must be determined by compositions of the specific polymer system.


MPM 2501 is available in pellet form in a 100-lb (45.4 kg) fiber drum with PE liner.
Larger package forms can be discussed.


This product may be stored up to one year in a sealed container. Containers should
be stored in a cool, dry area. Extended storage at elevated temperatures or exposure
to direct heat or sunlight could reduce product life and result in clumping. Keep
containers sealed when not in use.

Toxicity & Safety:

This material is not intended for use in products for which prolonged contact with mucous
membranes or abraded skin, or implantation within the human body is specially
intended, unless the finished product has been tested in accordance with the Food and Drug
Administration and/or other applicable safety testing requirements. Because of wide range of
such potential uses, Mayzo, Inc. is not able to recommend this material as safe and effective
for such uses and assumes no liability for any such uses. Read and understand the Material
Safety Data Sheet before using or handling this product.

FDA Regulations:

MPM 2501 is not intended for use in applications that come in contact with food.

MPM® 2501 Tan Concentrate



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