Polyisobutylene PIB

Mayzo is the proud exclusive distributor in the United States for BASF’s medium and high molecular weight PIB marketed under the brand name Oppanol®.

Polyisobutylene is used in many versatile applications. The applications for Oppanol include:

  • Adhesives
  • Sealants
  • Bitumen modification
  • Chewing gum base


Oppanol® by BASF

B10 and B15

  • The Oppanol grades B 10 – B 15 provide tack (stickiness) and adhesion to formulations. The Oppanol B10 – B 15 are also excellent materials for corrosion protection preparations. Due to its cold flow, its able to flow into pores without external impact, provides a long-lasting water barrier and repairs itself when damaged.

B30, B50 and B80

  • The Oppanol grades B30, B50 and B80 are used for producing adhesives, sealants, lubricating oils, coating compounds, and chewing gum. They are also recommended for modifying bitumen.

B100 and B150

  • The Oppanol grades 100 and B 150 provide optimum weather ability and moisture protection particularly and elasticity at low temperatures for flat roofs.

BASF acquired the intellectual property for a new manufacturing process of high molecular weight polyisobutene (HM PIB) from LANXESS to support growth of global high molecular weight polyisobutene (HM PIB) market. The transaction is related to high molecular weight PIB only; other PIB offerings by BASF including medium molecular weight PIB (MM PIB) and highly reactive PIB (HR PIB) will not be affected.  BASF will market the products under the product name Oppanol® N.

The Oppanol N Grades N50, N80, N100,  and N150.

For more information about Polyisobutylenes (PIB) by BASF please visit BASF’s website at www.basf.com/pib