Suwanee, GA USA: June 16, 2015 

Mayzo Recertified ISO 9001-2008 Certification. See our Certificate

‎We hope you will come and join us at the 2015 National Candle Association Conference and Expo that will be held in New Orleans, LA! David Dyas, Keith Bernard and Tom Vetterly will be available to answer your additive questions.

‎Suwanee, GA USA: December 3, 2014

Atlanta, GA: Specialty chemical supplier Mayzo Inc. has today announced the appointment of Van Horn, Metz & Company, Inc. as their North American distributor of additives to the adhesives, plastics, coatings, inks, rubber and lubricants markets.

‎“Van Horn, Metz has been a trusted supplier to the industry for more than sixty years” said John Kenny, COO of Mayzo. “The company shares Mayzo’s core values – a focus on quality and service, deep customer relationships and a relentless drive to add value to their customers. Van Horn, Metz is an excellent partner to support Mayzo’s continued growth in North America.”

“We’re very excited to announce our new partnership with Mayzo, Inc. today,” said Brian Boorman, Executive Vice President of Van Horn, Metz & Co. “As Mayzo works to expand their market presence, we welcome the opportunity to offer their specialty antioxidant and UV stabilizer products across our entire geography into the coatings, plastics, adhesives, rubber and allied markets. Mayzo fits well with Van Horn, Metz & Co.’s objective of offering our customer base specialty products and solutions, which provide them with the best opportunity for success in a competitive market place.”

About Mayzo

Established in 1986, Mayzo develops and sells worldwide a diverse range of innovative solutions and products to a variety of markets including plastics, elastomers, coatings, lubricants, tapes, labels, adhesives, inks and other applications. Mayzo has four core areas of product specialization – Additives, Specialty Processing Stabilizers, Release Coatings, and Beta Nucleating Masterbatches. These specialty chemical products and solutions provide unique answers to customer issues associated with processing, quality, EH&S (environment, health and safety), and application end use performance to create customer value.

About Van Horn, Metz

Van Horn, Metz & Company was founded in 1950, and it was designed to offer raw materials for use in Industrial Markets. Today, we are helping to create solutions for customers in the Paints, Coatings, Plastics, Adhesives, Rubber, Ink and other Specialty Markets, by providing leading technology, quality products, convenient storage locations, and employ a safe and responsible approach to handling chemicals.
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Suwanee, GA USA: November 17th , 2014 

Mayzo introduces exciting new high performance and economical UV Stabilizer product for Candles!

‎Maintaining color consistency, improving the long term UV stability of dyes, while increasing the longevity of fragrances represents a significant challenge for modern candle manufactures. This is complicated by the ever expanding number of combinations of fragrances, dyes and waxes available to candle formulators. New waxes such as soy and alpha-olefins, and wax additive systems complicate formulations and may have negative interactions with traditional antioxidants and UV additives.

Mayzo’s new UV stabilizer, BLS 0113-3, addresses the above challenges for the candle market by increasing the color stability of pinks, reds and blue violet colors. BLS 0113-3 offers manufacturers the benefits of a low viscosity formulation that is easily pumped or poured. This improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the manufacturing process through time savings and a reduction in waste. And BLS 01133 is powerful and effective- it may be used at up to one third less than traditional competitive offerings, providing options to formulator for higher performance and lower cost products.

Mayzo has supplied and supported the candle market for many years with UV additives and antioxidants such as BLS 5411, BLS 531, BNX 1076 and BNX 1135. Mayzo is committed to the development of new products and solutions to meet the challenging needs of the candle market.

Suwanee, GA USA: March 1, 2013:

On November 28, 2011 Mayzo, Inc and Ningbo Jinhai™ Deqi Chemical & Industry Co., Ltd, inked a ‎long term agreement where Mayzo was given the exclusive rights to market Jinhai’s Haitack ™ C5 ‎Hydrocarbon Tackifier Resins in the Americas. Production and start-up at the brand new green-field ‎facility in Ningbo would take place in Q4 of 2012, and sales in America would commence in Q2, 2013.

The significance of this agreement is that Mayzo has set-out to fill a gap in the adhesive, sealants and ‎the PSA industries which have seen chronic and at times spotty shortages of C5 due to the lack of raw ‎materials such as piperlyene needed to produce tackifiers. Jinhai ™ in turn has a 20 year agreement with ‎Sinopec, one of the largest oil refineries in the world for the raw material stream required for their ‎production.

Suwanee, GA USA: April 22, 2013

Launch of C5 Hydrocarbon Tackifier Resins‎ at the ASC Expo in Atlanta and at the PSTC Tech 36 in ‎ New Orleans May 15, 2013 – Mayzo is very excited to be introducing and launching of the C5 hydrocarbon tackifier resin products. Introduction‎ of the C5 resins will be launched at the ASC Expo in Atlanta on April 22, and at the PSTC Tech 36, in New Orleans on May 15, 2013.

Suwanee, GA USA: June 16, 2012

Mayzo Recertified ISO 9001-2008 Certification. See our Certificate

Suwanee, GA USA; August 1st 2011

BASF and Mayzo Inc., a privately owned chemical company, announced jointly today that they have signed a definitive agreement under which BASF’s Oppanol brand PIB will be distributed to their adhesives and sealants customers, solely by Mayzo, Inc., in North America.