Mayzo appoints Vice President of Global Sales & Service and Vice President of Global Operations

Mayzo Inc., a leading supplier of specialty chemical additives solutions, has appointed two Vice Presidents to start the Company’s 35th year in business.  While celebrating this notable anniversary, the company is continuing to look toward the future, building upon a succession plan for enduring success. 

Eduardo Padilla, Vice President of Global Sales & Service, has taken charge of all Mayzo sales efforts, including Key Accounts, Outside Sales, Inside Sales and Distribution. He will also manage Customer Service, extending our outreach to build upon the Company’s strong customer relationships.   

Mr. Padilla has been with Mayzo for 3 years, initially as Director of Business Development and most recently as Director of Sales & Sourcing. 

Prior to joining Mayzo, Mr. Padilla had an extensive career at Ciba Specialty Chemicals, followed by BASF.  After earning a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry at Universidad Iberomaricana, he joined Ciba in sales-related positions in Mexico and Spain.  He rapidly progressed to management of the Central and South American market segment.  Mr. Padilla was transferred to the U.S. Ciba headquarters, where he specialized in Coatings Effects.  When Ciba was acquired by BASF, Mr. Padilla initially became Channel Manager for Dispersion and Pigments in North America.  He progressed to managing increasingly large Distribution divisions, culminating in the position of Director Corporate Distribution, BASF North America.

Dave Linville, Vice President of Global Operations, has assumed leadership of Mayzo’s internal and external Operations, including the Mayzo Operation Center in Walterboro SC. He is also responsible for the company’s Strategic Growth, Technology and Quality Assurance teams.

Mr. Linville joined Mayzo in 2017 as the Company’s Director of Sales & Marketing.  Last year he established a new Strategic Growth team, focusing on high profile projects to solve customer manufacturing problems through the innovative use of specialty chemical additives.  

After graduating from Ohio State with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, Mr. Linville earned a Master of Business Administration degree from Emory University.   His work experience includes positions at Honeywell Aerospace, GE Water and Process Technologies, and BWA Water Additives.  Beginning as a Chemical Engineer, Mr. Linville’s career rapidly escalated through assignments as a Regional Account Manager, North American Account Manager, and Director of Sales, culminating in a position as Business Director leading a major industry segment for BWA. 

Mr. Linville and Mr. Padilla join the senior executive ranks of Mayzo Inc., led by Founder/President Ben Milazzo.  Other key executives include Senior Vice President Valarie Milazzo, who directs Strategic Planning, Human Resources and Marketing Communications, and Chief Financial Officer James Jones, who is responsible for all Finance, Accounting and Information Technology.

Mayzo Founder/President Ben Milazzo commented “Mayzo has organized the finest executive team in the history of the company, capable of carrying the business forward for the next 35 years.  I have every confidence that Mayzo’s tradition of product quality, technical innovation and attention to customer needs will continue and grow.”

Mayzo provides specialty chemical additive solutions on a global scale in a wide range of markets. Mayzo’s proven materials make manufacturing processes safer and more efficient while reducing costs and creating more sustainable, durable, and reliable end-products. Mayzo’s antioxidants and UV absorbers function as stabilizers to prevent product damage due to heat, light, or oxygen exposure. Other technologies include optical brighteners, release coatings, polymer enhancers, and cutting edge masterbatches and blends. 

Since 1986, customers have relied on the Mayzo team for their ingenuity, responsiveness, and extraordinary service culture.  To learn more, visit or contact the company at 1-800-449-9068 or

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