Tapes and Labels

Tapes and Labels

Advances in technology and a changing global regulatory landscape continue to challenge tape and label manufacturers.  Tape manufacturers are focused on developing products that meet more stringent requirements driving growth through displacement of mechanical fasteners and traditional adhesives in a range of applications.  Typical end markets include construction, automotive, aerospace, industrial, medical and packaging.   In label applications value is delivered by a label that attracts customers or provides important product information.  Storage and in use conditions to which labels can be exposed consistent of cold, hot or wet situations that demand high performance from the adhesive and additive system.  Our knowledge and experience providing additives to the tape and label market positions us uniquely to deliver solutions and results.

Mayzo’s commitment to the tape and label industry began over 25 years ago and continues with enthusiasm today.  Mayzo’s range of additive products is critical to the success and performance of tape and label adhesives and substrates.   Our expertise enables manufacturers to maintain functionality and aesthetic properties by protecting tapes and labels against the harmful effects of heat experienced in processing and heat and light exposure in use.  In addition to a variety of off the shelf products Mayzo Makes It Possible by providing specially formulated Antioxidants, Light Stabilizers, UV Absorbers and Optical Brighteners for use in a wide range of tapes and labels.

Mayzo also supplies Release Coatings for self-wound pressure sensitive tape applications and labels.  As a release coat market leader Mayzo employs a variety of chemistries and technologies to provide the appropriate level of release performance for many adhesives coated on various substrates.

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