MPM® 1112 Beta Nucleant Masterbatch


BNX MPM 1112 is a pelletized masterbatch containing a high performance proprietary beta nucleant formulation in a polypropylene homopolymer resin. This masterbatch can be added to non-nucleated polypropylene polymers including homopolymers, random copolymers, and impact copolymers, in order to produce high levels of beta phase crystallinity in extruded sheets, films, and injection molded parts. When extruded sheets are stretched in the solid state to produce oriented films, these films will develop microvoids causing them to become white/opaque in appearance and undergo a reduction in density. In thermoforming applications beta nucleation broadens the processing window and produces final parts that have improved material distribution and higher strength and rigidity, thereby allowing the parts to be down-weighted.

 Material Description:            Solid   

 Chemical Name:                   Polypropylene homopolymer carrier resin plus proprietary additives           

 CAS#:                                     9003-07-0 (Polypropylene)                             

 Chemical Structure:              Proprietary                 

 Physical Properties:

 Melt Flow Rate:                     12g/10 min.

 Melting Range:                      Dual melting peaks:  

                                               150 – 155oC for the beta crystal phase

                                               162 – 167oC for the alpha crystal phase

Specific Gravity (20°C):           0.90 g/cm3

(1). As measured on a 2% let-down of the masterbatch in polypropylene homopolymer resin on the second heat using Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) (after cooling from the melt at 10oC/min., and re-heating at 10oC/min.).

Product Details: Please view our MPM 1112 PDF