BNX MPM 1110 Beta Nucleant Masterbatch


MPM 1110 is a pelletized masterbatch containing a high performance proprietary beta nucleant formulation in a polypropylene homopolymer resin. This masterbatch can be added to non-nucleated and some pigmented polypropylene polymers including homopolymers, random copolymers, and impact copolymers, in order to produce high levels of beta phase crystallinity in extruded sheets, films, and pipes, as well as injection molded parts. This masterbatch is particularly suitable for thick extruded applications that are gray or black colored such as geogrids and certain pipe applications.

Material Description:             Solid

Chemical Name:                     Polypropylene homopolymer carrier resin plus proprietary additives

Empirical Formula:                N.A.

 CAS #:                                     9003-07-0 (polypropylene)

 Physical Properties:              Melt Flow Rate:                       15 g/10 min.

  Melting Range:                        Dual melting peaks (1):

  150 – 155oC for the beta crystal phase

  162 – 167oC for the alpha crystal phase

  Specific Gravity (20°C):         0.90 g/cm3

Product Details: Please view our MPM 1110 PDF