Escoat WPX


Escoat WPX Release Coat is a non-silicone, carbohydrate polymer emulsion which provides a moderate release performance that is writeable and inkjet printable.   Escoat WPX coatings give a consistent release performance for various tape and label products, specifically bond paper, postal readdress labels, “Post-It” type packs for give away, coupons, prescription pads, and such.  The unique balance of release performance and inkjet receptivity is unmatched in release coat technology.  Variations of Escoat WPX are available for lower peel performance in the new “super sticky” type label pads.

Material Description:            A polysaccharide solution of a modified starch

Chemical Name:                    Modified starch

Empirical Formula:               Proprietary Blend

CAS #:                                    Mixture

Molecular Weight:                Proprietary

Physical Properties:             Appearance:                           Liquid

                                        Ionic Characteristic:                Nonionic

                                        Solids Content:                        50 +/-2 %

                                        Solvent:                                   48+% Water

                                        pH:                                         8.0 +/- 1

                                       Specific Gravity:                     ~1.05

                                       Viscosity:                                 ~200cps

                                       Flash point:                              N/A (aqueous product)

Product Details: Please view our Escoat WPX PDF