Escoat WFX


Escoat WFX Release Coat is a non-silicone, acrylic water based emulsion, which provides consistent release characteristics for tape and label products.   Escoat WFX  has a consistent wetting and adhesion performance with PET and corona treated PE substrates.  Escoat WFX can be used on masking tape and other tapes where an aqueous coating is needed.

Material Description:            Acrylic emulsion polymer Release Coat

Chemical Name:                    Acrylate

Empirical Formula:               Proprietary Blend

CAS #:                                   Mixture

Molecular Weight:                Proprietary

Physical Properties:             Appearance:                           Liquid

                                       Ionic Characteristic:                Nonionic

                                       Solids Content:                        35-36%

                                       Solvent:                                   63+% Water

                                       pH:                                         8.0 +/- 1

                                      Specific Gravity:                     ~1.1

                                      Viscosity:                                 >200cps

                                      Flash point:                              A/A (aqueous product)

Product Details: Please view our Escoat WFX PDF