Escoat RA-150W


Escoat RA-150W Release Coat is a high quality release coating developed for pressure sensitive adhesive tapes to provide controlled release.  It adheres well to polyester and corona or flame treated polyolefins.  It provides excellent release, even in high humidity environments, with rubber, solvent acrylic and hot-melt adhesives.  Escoat RA-150W Release Coat may also be used as a water based over print varnish having good gloss, release power and a low coefficient of friction.

Material Description:            Aqueous Polyurethane Release Coat

Chemical Name:                    Aliphatic modified polyurethane aqueous dispersion

Empirical Formula:               [-OCO(CH2)2OCONH(CH2)6NH-]n

Molecular Weight:                [230.3]n

Physical Properties:             Appearance:                           Clear to slightly hazy liquid

                                        Ionic Characteristic:                Anionic

                                        Total Solids in %:                    25 ± 2

                                        pH:                                          8.3 +/- 1.0

                                       Water Solubility:                      Completely soluble

                                       Specific Gravity (H20=1):       1.1

                                       Brookfield Viscosity               (#1RV @100rpm):                  20-60 cps

                                       Flash point:                             >100 °C (>212 °F) [Closed cup]

Product Details: Please view our Escoat RA 150W PDF