Escoat RA-130W


Escoat RA-130W Release Coat is a non-silicone, acrylic water based emulsion which provides superior release characteristics when applied to polyethylene and polyester films.   Escoat RA-130W has a strong wetting and adhesion performance with PET and corona treated PE substrates.  Escoat RA-130W is useful for duct tape and other tapes where an aqueous coating is needed.

Material Description:            Acrylic emulsion Release Coat

Chemical Name:                    Acrylate

Empirical Formula:               Proprietary Blend

CAS #:                                    Mixture

Molecular Weight:                Proprietary

Physical Properties:             Appearance:                           Liquid

                                        Ionic Characteristic:                Nonionic

                                        Solids Content:                        51-52%

                                        Solvent:                                   47+% Water

                                        pH:                                         4.5 +/- 1

                                       Specific Gravity:                     ~1.1

                                       Viscosity:                                 <100cps

                                       Flash point:                              >94 °C (>200 °F) [Closed cup]

Product Details: Please view our  Escoat RA 130W PDF