Escoat P23


Escoat P23 Release Coat is a non-silicone product especially suited for printers of pressure sensitive labels, film, tapes including polypropylene, polyethylene, and polyester where appropriate release is needed.  Escoat P23 Release Coat is supplied in 3% solids concentrations and is ready for use without additional dilution or additives.

Material Description:            Release Coat Varnish

Chemical Name:                    Polyvinyl Octadecyl Carbamate (PVODC) Isomeric hydrocarbon

Empirical Formula:               (PVODC)                                [CH2-CH(OCONHC18H37)-]n

 Toluene                                   C7H8

 CAS #:                                   (PVODC)                                70892-21-6                             

 Toluene                                   108-88-3

Molecular Weight:                (PVODC)                                 [339]n   or 110,000 –135,000              

Toluene                                   92

Physical Properties:            Appearance:                           Liquid

Odor:                                       Benzol-like odor

Concentration:                         3% solids

                                              Solvent                                    Toluene

Flash Point:                             45º F (7.2º C) (Closed Cup)

Product Details:  Please view our Escoat P23 PDF