Escoat® P-20 Liquid Release Coat


Escoat P-20 Dispersion is a water-based non-silicone product especially produced for use in pressure sensitive labels, film and tapes applications where a non-solvent is needed.  The high degree of purity, quality and tight melting point range of the Escoat P-20 offers superior properties and performance to critical users.  Escoat P-20 Dispersion can be used on OPP or PET films with adhesives based on natural rubber, SBR, SIS, acrylic, etc. primarily for obtaining release in self wound tapes where tight peel is mandatory.  Escoat P-20 Dispersion is expected to give a peel strength 2-3 times the level expected from most silicone release agents.

Material Description:          Carbamate Release Coat Dispersion

Chemical Name:                  Polyvinyl Octadecyl Carbamate Dispersion

Empirical Formula:             [CH2-CH(OCONHC18H37)-]n  in H20

CAS #:                                  36671-85-9 in 7732-18-5

Molecular Weight:               [339]n   or > 60,000 ; water=18

Physical Properties:            Appearance:                                      liquid

                                       Melting Range (Escoat P-20):           97 – 107°C

                                       % solids (Escoat P-20):                    19-22

                                      Clarity, ADSAM08                             Heated to 70 °C (Escoat P-20):

                                                                                                 Clear (10 g/100ml  toluene)

                                      Color, ADSAM121,                           Gardner (Escoat P-20):               <5

                                      Solubility in Water:                            Disperses in water

                                      Viscosity (mPa.s/25°C):                     5-12

                                      pH (10 times diluted):                          ~9

Product Details:  Please view our Escoat P-20 Dispersion PDF