Escoat P-20 Liquid


Escoat P-20 Liquid is a non-silicone product especially produced and widely used for pressure sensitive labels, film and tapes.  Its high degree of purity and quality offers superior  properties and performance to critical users.  Escoat P-20 Liquid is used on films with adhesives based on natural rubber, SBR, SIS, acrylic, etc. primarily for obtaining release in self wound tapes where tight peel is mandatory.  Escoat P-20 Liquid is expected to give a peel strength 2-3 times the level expected from most silicone release agents.  In addition, the non-stick properties of the resin in the Escoat P-20 Liquid finds use in a wide range of applications outside the pressure sensitive area.

Material Description:              Release Coat Varnish

Chemical Name:                     Polyvinyl Octadecyl Carbamate (PVODC)

   Isomeric hydrocarbon

Empirical Formula:                (PVODC)                                               [CH2-CH(OCONHC18H37)-]n 

  Toluene                                                 C7H8

 CAS #:                                    (PVODC)                                               36671-85-9                                  

 Toluene                                                 108-88-3

Molecular Weight:                (PVODC)                                               [339]n   or > 60,000                      

Toluene                                                 92

Physical Properties:            Appearance:                                         Clear to amber colored liquid [gel at low temps]

Odor:                                                      Benzol-like odor

Concentration:                                       10% solids

Solvent                                                  Toluene

Flash Point:                                           40º F (4.4º C) (Closed Cup)

Specific Gravity (H2O=1)                       0.82

Product Details:  Please view our Escoat P-20 Liquid PDF