BNX DSTDP (693-36-7) is a thioether-type antioxidant that functions by scavenging peroxides formed during the thermal oxidative degradation of plastics and other organic materials.  Combinations of this product with hindered phenolic antioxidants (e.g. BNX 1010) provide outstanding thermal stability in polyolefins, styrenic polymers, and engineering plastics.  BNX DSTDP is non-discoloring, has good compatibility with polyolefins, styrenic polymers, and adhesives, and has low odor relative to other sulfur-based antioxidants.

Material Description:           Thioether Antioxidant/Heat Stabilizer

Chemical Name:                   Dioctadecyl 3,3’-thiodipropionate

CAS #:                                    693-36-7

Molecular Weight:                683 g/mol

Chemical Structure:

Physical Properties:            Appearance:                   Solid

Melting Point:                  64-67°C Flash Point:                               257oC (Markusson) Solubility in Water:                             <0.1 mg/L

Product Details: Please view our pdf-icon BNX DSTDP PDF