BNX DLTDP (123-28-4) is a thioether antioxidant.  High solubility and superior properties make it particularly suitable for the protection of plastics, rubber, synthetic fibers, and petroleum products against deterioration and discoloration.  Used in combination with phenolic primary antioxidants, it has proven particularly effective as a result of synergistic effects.

Material Description:  Thioether antioxidant and process stabilizer for resins, adhesives, plastics, and lubricants.

Chemical Names:        Propanoic acid, 3,3’-thiobis- 1,1’-didodecyl ester (TSCA name)

Dilauryl thiodipropionate (common name)

Molecular Formula:     C30H58O4S

CAS Number:              123-28-4

Molecular Weight:       514.86 g/mol

Chemical Structure:  


Physical Properties:    Acid value:                                       1.00 maximum

Appearance:                                    Solid

                                      Flash point:                                       160oC (open cup)

Melting range:                                      39-42oC

Specific gravity:                                   1.01-1.04

Product Details: Please view our pdf-icon BNX DLTDP PDF