BNX 8000


BNX 8000 (68610-51-5) is an outstanding non-staining polymeric sterically hindered phenolic antioxidant, which is highly active and can be used at low concentrations.  It is an excellent antioxidant for natural and synthetic rubbers.  It can be used in latex and other waterbased applications and dispersions.  BNX 8000 has low water solubility and non-volatility characteristics.


Chemical Names:       Butylated reaction product of p-cresol and dicyclopentadiene

CAS Numbers:           68610-51-5

Chemical Structure:

 BNX 8000

 Typical Properties         

Product Form:                         solid

Molecular Weight:                   600-800 g/mol

Melting Range:                        >104°C

Specific Gravity @ 20°C        1.04

Bulk Density:                           358 kg/m3

Product Details:  Please view our BNX 8000 PDF