BNX 565


BNX 565 (991-84-4) is a high molecular weight, non-staining, multifunctional antioxidant developed for the stabilization of unsaturated elastomers (BR, IR, SBR, SIS, SBS, etc.), hot melt adhesives, and rosin ester tackifier resins.


Chemical Name:                 Phenol, 4−[[4,6−bis(octylthio)−1,3,5−triazin−2−yl]amino]− 2,6−bis


CAS Number:                     991-84-4

Chemical Structure

BNX 565

Typical Properties

Product Form:                    Solid

Melting Range:                  94 – 96oC

Molecular Weight:             589.0 g/mol

Product Details: Please view our  BNX 565 PDF