BNX® 358 Antioxidant and Disproportionation Agent


BNX 358 (96-69-5) is a non-discoloring antioxidant useful for the stabilization of elastomers, plastics, adhesives, and lubricants.  The product is also used as a disproportionation agent in the production of rosin esters.


Chemical Name:                    Phenol, 4,4’−thiobis[2−(1,1−dimethylethyl)−5−methyl−

CAS Number:                         96-69-5

Chemical Structure

BNX 358

Typical Properties

       Product Form:                        Solid

       Melting Range:                      160oC

       Molecular Weight:                 358.5 g/mol

Product Details: Please view our BNX 358 PDF