BNX 3052


BNX 3052 (61167-58-6) is a multifunctional antioxidant for the stabilization of adhesives, elastomers, and

plastics. Unlike conventional phenolic antioxidants, BNX 3052 is effective to scavenge alkyl

(carbon-centered) radicals. The product is particularly active under demanding processing

conditions (high temperature, high shear) and under anaerobic conditions.


Chemical Name:      2−Propenoic acid, 2−(1,1−dimethylethyl)−6−[[3−(1,1− dimethylethyl)−2−hydroxy−

                                 5−methylphenyl]methyl] 4− methylphenyl ester

CAS Number:          61167-58-6

Chemical Structure

BNX 3052

Typical Properties

Product Form:          Solid

Melting Range:        134 – 138oC

Molecular Weight:    394.6 g/mol

Product Details:  Please view our BNX 3052 PDF