BNX 1000 Liquid Antioxidant System

Overview of BNX 1000 Liquid Antioxidant System

BNX 1000 is a unique proprietary blended liquid antioxidant system containing components that are highly effective in the protection of adhesives, rubber, resins, and other polymer systems.  This product has the advantage of a liquid physical form.

Compared to solid antioxidants, BNX 1000 provides ease in blending and should result in lower loading requirements since it disperses completely, virtually eliminating the particle dispersion problems associated with traditional powder antioxidants.

BNX 1000 is an effective, non-discoloring stabilizing liquid antioxidant system that provides excellent long-term heat stability by preventing thermo-oxidative degradation during processing and service life.

BNX 1000 can also be synergistically blended with other stabilizers like BLS 531, BLS 1328, and hindered amine light stabilizers to provide added protection.

Extensive testing has proven BNX 1000 to be especially effective in the new generation of hot melt and water base adhesive systems, providing increased heat and extended oxidation resistance.


Chemical Name:                     Proprietary formula

CAS Number:                          Proprietary formula

Chemical Structure:                Proprietary formula

Typical Properties         

Product Form:                         Liquid

Liquid Flash Point:                 >350oF

Product Details: Please view our BNX 1000 PDF