Benetex OB-M1


Benetex OB-M1 (27344-41-8) is a light fast, chlorine stable, highly soluble fluorescent whitening agent.  It is compatible with conventional and compact detergent powders, liquid detergents, industrial detergents as well as soap bars, softeners, and boosters.  It is effective at relative low loading levels over the whole temperature range from cold to medium washing temperatures.  Optical brighteners create brilliance by absorbing UV light, modifying the wavelength of the light and then emitting the light in a fluorescent fashion.  Benetex OB-M1 can also be used as a tracer in various water systems.


Chemical Name:                            Derivative of distyryl biphenyl (DSBP) compound

CAS Number:                                 27344-41-8

Chemical Structure:

Benetex OB-M1

Typical Properties

Product Form:                                  Solid

Molecular Weight:                            562.6 g/mol

Product Details:  Please view our Benetex OB-M1 PDF