Supplying Sustainable and Innovative Answers to the Specialty Chemicals Industry

For over twenty five years, Mayzo has provided specialty chemical solutions to the pressure sensitive tape, label, and adhesives industry.

We have expanded our reach to the polymer, rubber, ink, coatings, and lubricant markets. In addition, we have introduced patented nucleation technology for polypropylene.

Mayzo conducts failure-mode and effect analyses on both company and customer operations. In addition, Mayzo meets the requirements of QS9000 customers. Mayzo’s Quality Management System became recertified to ISO 9001:2008 on June 16, 2012. The QMI certificate number covering the registration is Certificate # AGS US061509-2A. If you require a copy of our certificate please contact us.

Mayzo offers to conduct in-plant surveys, followed by roundtable technical discussions aimed at developing Innovative Solutions which improve your manufacturing processes. Our solutions may include any or all of the following: special packaging, customized additives blends, or master batching of additives.

MAYZO News & Media Center

Suwanee, GA USA: December 3, 2014 – Atlanta, GA: Specialty chemical supplier Mayzo Inc. has today announced the appointment of Van Horn, Metz & Company, Inc. as their North American distributor of additives to the adhesives, plastics, coatings, inks, rubber and lubricants markets. Read more

Suwanee, GA USA: November 17th , 2014 – Mayzo introduces exciting new high performance and economical UV Stabilizer product for Candles!
Maintaining color consistency, improving the long term UV stability of dyes, while increasing the longevity of fragrances represents a significant challenge for modern candle manufactures. This is complicated by the ever expanding number of combinations of fragrances, dyes and waxes available to candle formulators. New waxes such as soy and alpha-olefins, and wax additive systems complicate formulations and may have negative interactions with traditional antioxidants and UV additives.Read more